Tater Tot Day Deals
Celebrate National Tater Tot Day with a Basket of Tots and three dipping sauces for $7 on Tuesday, February 2, 2021.
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Tater Tot Day Deals

basket of tater tots

Tater Tot Day Deals

Who doesn’t lover the tater tot? The bite-sized potato nuggets are a perfect snack in so many ways. And while they are easy to share, any member of the tater tot club will tell you it’s best to get your own. On February 2 – National Tater Tot Day – we’ll make it easy to keep all the tots to yourself. We’re celebrating with a Basket O’ Tots for only $7. The generous helping also comes with three house-made sauces.

The tiny treats are typically a side dish option with sandwiches and burgers on our menu. Of course, our pub regulars know you can always ask for the basket upgrade which is typically priced at $9.

On Tuesday, February 2, we’ll also have our normal happy hour deals from 3-6PM. These include $5 pints from our three local taps and a $9 pizza flatbread.

Did You Know: Tater tots were invented in 1953 by the Ore-Ida food company as a way to use up the extra bits of potatoes left over from cuts of French fries? Read the Tater Tot Wiki here!