How Do You Flight?
Our beer flights offer six 4-ounce pours for $10 and our guests have shown us there is more than one way to choose which brews to include.
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How Do You Flight?

How Do You Flight?

To whoever invented the beer flight, we say thank you! When we first opened our doors, beer flights were the perfect way for guests new to craft beer to discover what the brews were all about. And with our 31 taps, there was a lot to discover.

At Angels Trumpet our beer flights are six 4-ounce pours. After 8 years of service, our guests have shown us, there is more than one way to flight.

Date Night: You and your special someone want to try a few beers. Yes, you could sip from each other’s glasses, pint by pint. Or you could split the flight. Instead of six different picks, double up on three. You can each sip the same beers and compare notes. If you find the one you like, you can always order a full pint later.

Style Deep Dive: You know a thing or two about craft beer. Enough to know it’s always changing. Use a flight to take a dive into a specific style, or learn about the latest trend (hazies, anyone?).

Variety Pack: We may not know who first served the beer flight, but we’re pretty sure it was someone who just couldn’t decide. A potpourri of pours is the OG of beer flights. No rhyme or reason needed on why you are picking the styles aside from a simple justification: “I want to know what it tastes like.”

And to that we say “Prost!”

Did You Know: A flight is a group of similar objects, like a flight of stairs or a flight of geese.